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The Common Types of Teeth Whitening Procedures

25 September 2017
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Having discoloured teeth can be quite a blow to a person's self-esteem. This can make someone fear to talk with other people while expressing themselves. Teeth discolouration can be a result of certain behavioural trends such as the use of tobacco, not taking sufficient responsibility of your teeth as well as drinking a lot of dark liquids such as coffee, red wine, tea and cola over a long time. Aging can also make your teeth discoloured as the enamel becomes thinner over time. Read More …

Help Your Travel Doctor Prevent Malaria

6 September 2017
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Visiting a tropical country is an excellent opportunity to explore a new world and expose yourself to different cultures. However, if you're planning a stay in an area where malaria is present, you'll need to see a travel doctor in order to ensure you don't succumb to the disease. Before your consultation and your trip, there are ways you can work with your medical professional to prevent the onset of malaria. Read More …