3 Times You Should Consider Moving for a GP Job

3 Times You Should Consider Moving for a GP Job

18 October 2018
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General practitioner jobs are listed online and with recruiting offices around the country. Various information is listed about each posting including salary and benefits packages that may accompany the job. One of the key issues, when you are looking for GP jobs, is to determine when you should consider a move in order to take the job and if that move would be worthwhile when compared to local GP jobs. Here are three times when you should consider moving for a GP job and what to know about each situation.

1. Paid Moving Expenses

If you find GP jobs that require moving, look for paid moving expenses on the application. If they are not listed on the application, make an inquiry about them during the first interview. If paid moving expenses are offered, the job may be worth moving for. You will need to weigh certain options such as if the moving expenses are paid by you first and then reimbursed or if the moving expenses include a place they choose rather than of your choosing. You will also need to find out exactly what expenses are covered and if those include utilities and set up.

2. Guaranteed Contracted Job Term

In some cases, you may find a general practitioner job that offers a contracted and guaranteed job term if you move to the location. These are usually for rural locations that are short staffed and need qualified general practitioners for long-term stays. The job term could be anywhere from a decade or longer. In some rare cases, the job term could be an appointment through retirement. If this is offered, it may be worth the move to know that you will have a solid job as a practitioner for as long as you want the job. This sort of job security may not be available where you currently are or in the surrounding areas.

3. Full Retirement Benefits

Full retirement benefits are a package that many hospitals are now considering in order to attract more general practitioners. These benefits give you a retirement payment plan that may come from 401k accounts, pension, or a combination of different options. The option to have ongoing payment of some kind after retirement is appealing enough for many people to consider a move, knowing they will have security after they retire from the job.

These are just three of the times when you should consider moving for GP jobs you have found. You should always get promises that are not listed on the job description, like benefits and moving costs, in writing. This will give you a written amendment to your contract and ensure you that the company plans on following through with their benefits and promises that made a move a worthwhile endeavour.