3 Signs That There Is A 'Traffic Jam' In Your Blood Vessels And What To Do About It

3 Signs That There Is A 'Traffic Jam' In Your Blood Vessels And What To Do About It

27 March 2018
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Very few people go for regular medical check-ups. It is human nature to wait until a disease has struck to pay the doctor a visit. While this behavior is deeply engraved in your system, it does not prevent you from reading the early signs of vascular blockage. A 'traffic jam' or blockage in your blood vessels is something you can actually detect the signs before seeing a doctor. And because it can cause life-threatening complications such as stroke, it is advisable that you act fast. Here are three signs that will tell you all is not well in your veins and arteries:

Chest Pains

If you start to feel pain in your chest, don't ignore it, especially if the pain occasionally spreads to your neck and back. Chest pains, or angina (as it is known in the medical field), originate from the narrowing of arteries. Severe chest pains are symptoms of serious blockage or narrowing of the arteries. They also serve as a warning that a heart attack is not far away.

Excessive Sweating

If you find yourself sweating more than usual, and the sweat is not caused by hot temperatures or your participation in strenuous physical activities, you may need to have your circulatory system checked by a doctor. Blockage in the arteries force the heart muscles to use more energy to pump blood around the body. In effect, this increases the body temperature. And in response to temperature increment, your body's defense mechanism initiates excretion of sweat so as to keep the temperature down.


Dizziness or lightheadedness is at times caused by lack of proper blood flow to the brain. If your lightheadedness is not as a result of alcohol consumption, high temperatures, excitement, or medications that you are currently taking, then it is possible that there is a substance in your blood circulation system that is blocking blood flow to your brain.

Preventive Measures

Blockages and narrowing of blood vessels are completely preventable. All that you need to do is to pay attention to your diet and engage in physical exercises that can keep you physically fit. Avoid consuming foods that are highly saturated in fats such as sausages, bacon, pizza, and beef. Instead, embrace low-fat, low-salt diets including vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. In addition, ditch lifestyle habits such as smoking that are known to increase chances of contracting cardiovascular diseases.

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