Should You Choose a Care Home or In-Home Care for Your Loved One?

1 August 2022
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As a loved one gets older, you may face some tricky questions. These questions can be even more challenging if they are dealing with some cognitive issues and may not always be able to make the best decisions themselves. In this situation, one of the more common questions involves the transition to a care home or live-in care support instead. What factors should you take into account as you come to a decision? Read More …

Hot or Cold? How to Treat an Unexpected Injury

18 March 2022
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If you live an active lifestyle, sooner or later, you're going to twist the wrong way, lift a weight without bending your knees or tripping over a kerb. As this is the human condition, you need to know what to do when some of those niggling aches and pains become more pressing. So, where should you turn (gently, of course) to find the answer? Hot or Cold? To start with, you may wonder whether to apply heat or cold to the area in question. Read More …