Should You Choose a Care Home or In-Home Care for Your Loved One?

Should You Choose a Care Home or In-Home Care for Your Loved One?

1 August 2022
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As a loved one gets older, you may face some tricky questions. These questions can be even more challenging if they are dealing with some cognitive issues and may not always be able to make the best decisions themselves. In this situation, one of the more common questions involves the transition to a care home or live-in care support instead. What factors should you take into account as you come to a decision? 

Here are some things to consider.

Striving for Independence 

You will want to consider your relative's independent nature whenever you can. They may have lived their life as someone who likes to look after themselves and not "bother" other people unnecessarily. If they can still cope with everyday tasks without risk, a live-in care worker could be the best solution. After all, your loved ones will still be in a familiar environment and feel that they are largely in control of what they do.

Maintaining Familiarity

Familiarity may be an important consideration when helping to maintain a quality of life. After all, your loved one may feel much more at ease in the place they have called home for some time. It may also be easier for you and other friends or relatives to visit, with potentially more options to stay over. It is not always easy to accommodate these needs if they move into a care home. After all, space may be a premium, and you might have to consider the setup of that home and the needs of other residents.

Looking for Dedicated Support

When you employ the services of a live-in care worker, they will be dedicated to looking after your loved one and not need to divide their time among many. After all, this may be a challenge in a home, notwithstanding the fact that those employees also strive to do their best for all concerned. Your loved one might even form a good relationship with the care worker and could come to view them as close friends, making it a lot easier to transition.

Considering the Cost

Finally, weigh up the costs of either option to see which would work best in your case. After all, you may find that a live-in care worker will cost less than it would to book a place in a care home.

Getting More Advice

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