4 Signs You Should Have a Blood Test for Prediabetes

12 October 2017
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Type 2 diabetes rarely comes on suddenly. Instead, it tends to develop in people who are already prediabetic. During prediabetes, your pancreas will still be producing enough insulin to digest the carbohydrates that you take in. However, insulin will not be as effective at removing all the sugar from your bloodstream, and therefore overall blood sugar will stay high. This is known as insulin resistance. Without adopting lifestyle changes, the borderline condition of prediabetes can easily develop into type 2 diabetes. Read More …

Help Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer with Your Diet

9 October 2017
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The mere mention of cancer is something that makes many people feel afraid, with the disease's widespread prevalence and often-serious consequences. For some people, skin cancer is even more frightening, largely because the people who suffer with it can be in a younger age group than other forms. Thankfully, skin cancer is one of the more preventable types of cancer, with limiting sun exposure and avoiding sunbathing long enough to burn one of the best ways to make sure you avoid it. Read More …

Bulk Billing Doctors Offer Critical Healthcare Services

3 October 2017
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Quality and affordable healthcare continues to be an important goal for the Australian government. In order to increase access to healthcare services for patients, the Australian government introduced the bulk billing system for doctors and patients. Bulk billing is a process that enables members of the Medicare system to receive services from doctors without paying any money upfront. Bulk billing doctors allow you to use your Medicare card to access important healthcare services. Read More …

Troubled by Tonsillitis: How Your Stressful Career and Lifestyle Can Cause Chronic Tonsillitis

29 September 2017
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Is chronic tonsillitis causing you to take too many sick days off work? Are you wondering why you suddenly seem more susceptible to these painful throat infections? If your work, family and social life are filled with stressful situations, this is likely the reason that you now find yourself plagued by chronic tonsillitis. More Adults Are Coming Down With Tonsillitis Although tonsillitis is most common in children, more adults than ever before are coming down with this painful infection. Read More …

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Physiotherapy

25 September 2017
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If your doctor recommends physiotherapy and you're unsure if it'll work for you, it helps to clear up some myths. Whether you're worried it will cause you pain or you receive treatment you don't expect, learning more about your physiotherapist and how they work can help you get more from your appointments.  Physiotherapy is always painful Sure, there are times when physiotherapy causes pain. That doesn't mean it's always painful. Wherever possible, your physiotherapist will use an approach that limits pain. Read More …