Importance of Seeing a Neurologist Post Neurological Disorder Diagnosis

16 September 2018
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There is a broad range of neurological disorders that you could develop. From migraines to Parkinson's, these illnesses need to be managed for your wellness. Nonetheless, once your general practitioner diagnoses you with a neurological disorder, you may just take their instructions and go on the medication they prescribe. However, general practitioners are not specialists in neurology. To get the best information about your disorder, it is judicious to see a neurologist too. Read More …

How to Get Support for Someone with Alzheimer’s

26 July 2018
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Despite significant advances in recent times, scientists are still not close to a cure for Alzheimer's disease, a terrible and progressive illness that is affecting elderly Australians with devastating effect. This form of dementia can appear at quite an early age, but normally affects people as they enter their 70s and 80s.  If you have a parent who has this affliction, then you will, unfortunately, face some significant challenges as you make sure they are cared for and may need to reach out to others. Read More …

Toe-Walking and Autism: Can a Podiatrist Help?

6 June 2018
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Autistic kids may suffer from problems with their legs and feet if they have gait or walking issues. For example, some kids with autism will walk on their tip-toes a lot of the time. This habit can ultimately affect muscle and joint flexibility and, if this happens, you may be advised to see a podiatrist. What can a podiatrist do to help fix toe-walking problems? Assessing Tip-Toe Habits There may not be an obvious reason why your child toe walks; it simply happens with some autistic kids. Read More …

3 Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community

30 April 2018
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If you have recently retired, you may be thinking about selling your home and moving into a retirement village. Moving into a retirement village can bring many benefits to your life. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about the benefits of living in a retirement village. Improved security Retirement villages typically offer a greater level of security than that provided by your residential home. A retirement complex will typically feature a security team to monitor the area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read More …

3 Signs That There Is A ‘Traffic Jam’ In Your Blood Vessels And What To Do About It

27 March 2018
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Very few people go for regular medical check-ups. It is human nature to wait until a disease has struck to pay the doctor a visit. While this behavior is deeply engraved in your system, it does not prevent you from reading the early signs of vascular blockage. A 'traffic jam' or blockage in your blood vessels is something you can actually detect the signs before seeing a doctor. And because it can cause life-threatening complications such as stroke, it is advisable that you act fast. Read More …