Helpful Tips for Getting Used to Wearing Hearing Aids

Helpful Tips for Getting Used to Wearing Hearing Aids

12 October 2021
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You might have recently suffered from hearing loss due to age, illness or injury. Now, you might have talked to your doctor about hearing aids. After all, hearing aids can greatly improve your quality of life when you suffer from hearing loss. Of course, it can be a bit difficult to get used to wearing hearing aids when you aren't used to them. These tips should help you have the best experience when you are first getting used to making this major change.

Get the Right Hearing Aids

Getting the right hearing aids for you can help in a major way. For one thing, some hearing aids are more comfortable than others. Additionally, some hearing aids will help you a lot more with hearing. Meet with a good audiologist or other professional who helps with hearing aids so that you can get their advice. Let them know what you do and do not like about the different hearing aids that they show you so that they can help you make the right choice.

Wear Them a Few Hours a Day

You might think that you have to wear your hearing aids all day long, but this simply isn't true. While you are first getting used to wearing hearing aids, it's normal to only want to wear them for a few hours a day at first. Then, as you gradually get more accustomed to wearing your hearing aids, you might actually find that you prefer wearing them for the majority of the day so that you can enjoy their benefits. However, make sure that you always take your hearing aids out at night, even once you get more accustomed to wearing them for longer periods of time; this is important both for your comfort while you're sleeping and so that you can avoid damaging your hearing aids.

Play Around With Your Hearing Aids

It might take a while to get used to tuning and setting your hearing aids, so you may want to play around with them a little bit when you first get them. Adjusting them will help you learn more about how your hearing aids work and will help you get the best possible results from them as well.

Communicate With Your Audiologist

It's not a bad idea to keep a journal when you are first getting used to your hearing aids. Then, you can communicate your experience with your audiologist so they can help you make any necessary adjustments or so they can give you tailored, professional advice about adjusting to life with hearing aids.