What Makes Up Wellness in People?

What Makes Up Wellness in People?

26 May 2021
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Although wellness has a variety of definitions you could use to describe it, many people agree that there are a total of seven strands that lie behind it. The idea is that if you pay sufficient attention to each of these strands, then you will feel better in every aspect of your life. What are they?


In many ways, physical wellness is the easiest to get to grips with. Being physically well means enjoying good health with an absence of ailments, consuming a well-balanced diet and taking frequent exercise to improve your heart and lung health.


There are many ways that emotions play a part in how well people feel. Simply put, emotional wellness means keeping negative emotions in check, perhaps by seeking support, as well as accentuating positive emotions. This might come about by cultivating a more positive self-image or optimistic outlook, for instance.


Most people only feel truly well when they are intellectually stimulated. This could be from something as watching a thought-provoking movie or reading a book that expands your horizons. Some people achieve this through exploring visual art, either their own or appreciating that of others.


Occupational wellness could come from your job but it needn't have to. You don't need to be employed to be occupied, after all. Charitable and voluntary work can make you feel better by providing a sense of purpose. Some people find that parenting gives them the occupational direction they want in life while others push themselves to achieve their goals in different ways. The point is to have a middle and long-term set of goals and to work toward them.


By focusing on the wider environment, it is possible to feel better. This might mean tidying up your house and garden but it could also encompass the natural environment. Recycling, cutting down on waste and using more sustainable products are all good examples of how this can be achieved.


Enjoying the company of others, especially people who enrich your life, can be a big help with the sense of how well you feel. Try to involve yourself in positive conversations and limit your time with people who leave you feeling drained emotionally.


Finally, the spiritual dimension of being well should not be overlooked. You don't have to have faith to feel well at a spiritual level. Being true to your beliefs and spending time reflecting on yourself, as well as meditating, can all be a big help.