Important Considerations for Hiring A Sports Physiotherapist

Important Considerations for Hiring A Sports Physiotherapist

20 December 2019
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If you or someone close to you is involved in competitive sports, you need to hire a sports physiotherapist. A physiotherapist gives massages to players, advice on stretching and warm-up exercises as well as provides first aid. He or she can also check the healing progress of old injuries. Having a good physiotherapist will enhance the performance of a player. The care of a physiotherapist can help prevent little problems from worsening. To practice sports physiotherapy, one must have a degree in physical therapy. Here are some considerations to make when hiring a physiotherapist.  

Qualification and Licence 

When you are hiring a physiotherapist, ensure that he or she has the necessary training and education. They need to have a degree in physiotherapy. Sports physiotherapy is a specialization, so the person you hire will have a master's degree. They also need to be licenced to practice in your area. The Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) registers physiotherapists. They assess a practitioner's academic qualifications, clinical skills and knowledge. Ensure that your physiotherapist's registration is current. The agency requires that physiotherapists renew their registration at regular intervals. You can use the physiotherapist's name and registration number to check the status on their listing on the AHPRA website.  


Find out how long the physiotherapist has been practising. You should hire a physiotherapist who has extensive experience so that you get the best service. Find out whether they have worked in sports before. If you are hiring for your child, ask about their experience with children. When hiring a physiotherapist for your child, it is essential to pick someone who has worked with children before. Experienced physiotherapists will also have dealt with a wide range of injuries. They can handle whatever aches and pains you or your child has from competitive sports.  


Where is your physiotherapist's office? Pick a physiotherapist that is close to your home.  You can also pick a physiotherapist whose office is close to the training facility you are using. It makes it easy to get to him even when you are injured. They can also call him to come to see you at the facility or home. A sports physiotherapist in your area will not disappoint like someone from out of town. They are looking to build a good reputation in the area.  


Sports physiotherapy is vital in any form of competitive sports. Hire an excellent physiotherapist to ensure you perform better.