Help Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer with Your Diet

Help Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer with Your Diet

9 October 2017
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The mere mention of cancer is something that makes many people feel afraid, with the disease's widespread prevalence and often-serious consequences. For some people, skin cancer is even more frightening, largely because the people who suffer with it can be in a younger age group than other forms.

Thankfully, skin cancer is one of the more preventable types of cancer, with limiting sun exposure and avoiding sunbathing long enough to burn one of the best ways to make sure you avoid it. On top of this, however, you can do a few extra things to minimise your risk, such as eating the right foods. If you're a sun worshipper, it's well worth taking extra precautions by including the following things in your diet.

Green tea

Various teas are linked to a range of health benefits, green tea in particular. And of all these health benefits, the antioxidant content might be the most well known. Various studies have supported the idea that the antioxidants in green tea inhibit cancers, and tests have even shown green tea to have a particularly strong cancer-preventing effect on skin cancer.

Green vegetables

It's always a good idea to include plenty of green veg in your diet, especially of the dark, leafy variety. Among the many ways this improves your health, it's been found to protect against cancers, so it can lower your risk if you enjoy time in the sun.


Carrots are another good source of antioxidants, and to add another amazing benefit to eating them, they've been found to make you less likely to burn in the sun. Less chance of sunburn means less chance of skin cancer, although it's important to remember they're no substitute for a good sun cream. Carrots also contain a good amount of vitamin A, which has protective properties for the skin.


Of all the nuts, walnuts have the best balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It's important to get the balance right, as consuming too much omega-6 can cause health problems including an increased likelihood of burning in the sun. With the right balance of both fatty acids, your body is better at fighting off skin cancers.


Biotin is an important substance when it comes to skin, helping cells to repair themselves after damage occurs. Bananas are a great source, so eat one or two daily to keep your body topped up.


Vitamin E's importance for the skin is quite well known, as many creams and supplements contain it. It's much better to obtain it directly from food, however, and asparagus is an excellent source.