Bulk Billing Doctors Offer Critical Healthcare Services

Bulk Billing Doctors Offer Critical Healthcare Services

3 October 2017
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Quality and affordable healthcare continues to be an important goal for the Australian government. In order to increase access to healthcare services for patients, the Australian government introduced the bulk billing system for doctors and patients. Bulk billing is a process that enables members of the Medicare system to receive services from doctors without paying any money upfront.

Bulk billing doctors allow you to use your Medicare card to access important healthcare services. To become eligible, all you need to do is enroll in Medicare and have your card with you at the doctor's visit. Bulk billing doctors make it easier for patients to access healthcare when they are feeling sick, when injured or when they're coming in for a routine checkup.  

Importance of Bulk Billing

Lowers your out-of-pocket costs

The greatest barrier to receiving proper healthcare is the financial cost. With bulk billing, you don't have to avoid seeking healthcare when you need it the most. Bulk billing doctors allow you to access important services simply by showing your Medicare card. You can get the treatment that you need without paying any money out-of-pocket.

You should however ensure that all the services you require are covered under bulk billing. Some doctors only offer partial bulk billing services. In such cases, you have the option of using a patient account. This account allows you to seek reimbursement from Medicare after incurring costs at the doctor's office.

Offer a wide variety of services

Bulk billing doctors allow their patients to access may different services through bulk billing. These include laboratory tests, emergency services and disease diagnosis, among others. With a Medicare card, you can have peace of mind that your healthcare needs will be mostly covered.

Offers security to doctors

Another important benefit of bulk billing is the security that doctors get in terms of payment. Medicare guarantees to clear 85% of the costs that doctors claim. This secures doctors against defaulted payments by patients.

If bulk billing doctors were to otherwise rely on upfront payments from customers, they would inevitably experience defaults from some patients due to the high cost of healthcare.

Finding a bulk billing doctor

Due to the numerous benefits that they provide, finding a bulk billing doctor can sometimes be challenging. A good strategy is to consult directory listings of bulk billing doctors online. Healthcare engine is an effective healthcare search engine in Australia, and it also has a mobile phone application. House Call Doctor is also a great resource for after-hours health services, and they offer bulk billing options as well.